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Short David Delainey

Former Head of Enron Energy Services, David Delainey has problems stemming from his admission to acts of perjury including lying to the FBI. But those are peanuts compared to the trouble he is in for spending years posing as Star Trek’s “Commander Data,” and pocketing thousands of dollars in appearance fees at various “Star Trek” conferences and events.

A History of Deception?

Recommendation: Short David Delainey. Market Underweight Star Trek conferences. Accumulate the Wookie.

Quotes Entirely Relevant to Investing

This one goes out to all our hard-suffering CPA-studying accountant readers:

Accountancy was my life until I discovered Smirnoff.

-Vodka advertisement from 70’s

Sellout Saturday: For Charity

So I was clicking on our banner for the Grameen Foundation, because it’s a great cause and I like to check it out every couple weeks, and when I clicked through, I saw a woman, probably a very poor one, holding up a phone right at me and I couldn’t figure out why. I looked closer at her phone and realized it was NICER than my phone.

I’m not sure if this a reason to be bullish on Grameen as way to reduce global poverty through microfinance or more of case for Shorting JD because his phone sucks and is out of date. There is probably even a case to be made about the sorry state of domestic wireless options compared to the rest of the world, thanks to lack of competition, regulation and the Great Satan.

Either way, she’s really rubbing it in my face.

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