Business Model Drift in the Entourage Sector

by Johnny Debacle

The whole point of being an entourager is a display of power, wealth and ultimately, desirability for procreation. The whole point of being an entouragee is to ogle women and not have to take care of yourself. Thus it concerned us when we read this WSJ piece on the economics of entourages:

Underperforming security guards, personal assistants and coordinators can be fired for offenses like ogling women or falling out of shape. “It’s no different than working for Xerox,” Mr. Ellerbe says.

If you are no longer getting to benefit from the whole point of doing something, is that a long-term viable enterprise?

Recommendation: While there are certainly attractive elements about entourages, especially when modeling the models and female groupies, we are concerned about the burgeoning business model drift. As entourages move the experiences of their core entouragees from that of “ogling women” to that of “working at Xerox” we think there is a significant risk that the entire premise will face significant diminution. That some firms, such as Thomas Howard, are already being forced into outsourcing is another red flag. When we have done sufficient modeling of the models with the help of our own entourage, the Doo-Dilly Gents, we will issue appropriate guidance.

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