Candy and Taxes

by Mr Juggles

We are currently running a sophisticated multivariable marketing analysis of our readers. These three variables are what we think most embodies, you, our readership.

1) Investing
2) Taxes and Accounting
3) Candy

We have set out Yahoo Ads to default to Taxes & Accounting on Long or Short Capital (our new/future home). On our current/old home Long or Short @ Blogspot, we have set the ads to default only to Investing. Based on today’s results we will let you know whether you like Candy, Accounting or Investing the most.

Once we know this extremely valuable information, we plan on combining it with all the other information which we have surreptiously gathered about you from your recurring visits and selling it bundled to the highest bidding e-marketing firm or to satan himself.

Recommendation: Check out our privacy policy.

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