Companies I Hate (continued)

by Mr Juggles

A number of online photo companies have recently been threatening to delete my photos if I don’t make a purchase. For instance, I received the following in an email from Kodak Easyshare:

We’re happy to store all your memories at the Kodak EasyShare Gallery, but because you haven’t made a purchase in the last 12 months, we may begin deleting stored images from your account. Don’t risk losing your photos!

Maybe I’m the exception but deleting my photos doesn’t qualify you for my bi-annual “happy to store your memories” award. In fact, I will probably send you an email telling you that I never plan to use your service again. Here was their response:

Thank you for contacting the KODAK EASYSHARE Gallery Customer Service Team.
We wanted to let you know that we’ve just received your message. A Customer Service representative will not respond to this email. [My emphasis]

What a followup! Thanks for emailing me to tell me you won’t be responding. And what, pray tell me, is the purpose of a customer service email if no one checks it!?! I appreciate your attention to my concerns; I will never purchase another Kodak product as long as I live.

Recommendation: Short Kodak. Short bad customer service. Short automated responses.

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