Eggo Waffles Are Not Sturdy Enough For Industrial Construction

by Johnny Debacle

Kellogg Co (NYSE:K), producer of Eggo Waffles of “Leggo my eggo” fame, finally made the logical step to tie-in Lego building blocks to their popular, nutritious, and delicious waffle product. The pronunciations of “lego” and “leggo” are identical and the overlap between the two consumer bases is high; it turns out that >86% of the people who build indoor structures using small plastic pieces also consume waffles regularly.

It also appears that as a secondary goal, Kellogg had hoped to capitalize on the real estate boom by positioning waffles as a substitute for common building materials used in new home construction. This belated effort is doomed to fail, not just because the worm has turned on real estate. I have personally attempted to build structures using their low-cost waffle material and have found that it fails to provide the necessary structural support. These issues are compounded when the waffle building supplies are covered in tasty maple syrup.

Recommendation: Only invest in Kellogg’s or any other cereal company as a housing and construction play, if you are looking for a big bowl of unprofitable investments with the high fiber ability to produce regular, large, soft, bulky investment losses.

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  1. January 1st, 2009 | 1:04 pm

    Hey! I made that LEGO Eggo waffle! Crunchy…