Evidence of the Existence of the Mini-mini-baller?

by Johnny Debacle

From the comments on our Intraoffice Email on Mini-Baller, check out HonkyTonkSnizzlePants on MySpace.

Some choice samples:

Also – Id like to point out that I have pics of me in a striped shirt (going out look), a polo shirt with the collar up (contemplative look) and a flat brimmed hat like a rapper (thug look). This clearly makes me stylish

Im macin it at like a $gazillion$ dollars a year doing tech support (export my job to india my ass! this shit is hard yo!), can you say bling motha fucka? Thats why I went to a CC (community college), so I can run up my CCs (credit cards) with no regard to my FICA (foolishly incapacitated credit access) – mini-ballers HOLA BACK!

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