Helen Green, Deutsche Bank Employee & Sexual Arbitreur

by Johnny Debacle

Following our report on Sexual Harassment Arbitrage, Helen Green, a woman who was a secretary for Deutsche Bank in The City area of London, sued and won £800k in damages for being bullied. Not sexually harassed. Not groped or oggled by her lusty depraved male handlers. Bullied by her female peers.

Green had told the High Court that she worked in a “department from hell,” where a “gang of four” women subjected her to “mobbing” and “stonewalling,” and that a male staff member spoke to her in a sexist and degrading manner.

Mr. Justice Owen said: “On any view, the behavior of the women was oppressive and unreasonable. [Welcome to Finance!]”

It is beyond my analytical acumen how Deutsche Bank could be responsible for bullies; it seems responsibility should have been attributed to the parents of the “Gang of Four” in an after work meeting with the principals. A picture of Helen Green underscores the power women assets have, not only in terms of sexual harassment arbitrage, but in terms of female harassment arbitrage as a whole. You do not even have to wield the pretty, to wield your womanhood. £800k for “silent tears” and a case of the sads is compensation not available to men of any level of attraction.

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