I’m Long Directnic.com…if they don’t get themselves shot by looting cops

by Dr Deep Gupta

Directnic.com is an ICANN accredited domain registrar based in downtown New Orleans. Through hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, they have continued to be operational and have continued to nameserve hundreds of thousands of domains, thanks to the miracles of gasoline generators, human ingenuity and the effective provisions of gasoline supplies.

Even more amazing is that they are blogging about it live and supplying a live video feed, which they move around as action warrants. The blog tells tales of survival, provisioning, former special forces training kicking in, cops looting, thugs shooting and even some shots of the blog writer’s model fiancee.

Right now we’re trying to show you all the looting. Guys pushing shopping carts with 40 Nike boxes in them. People breaking into cars. Assaulting ATM machines. It’s hard just to sit by and do nothing. That’s property that belongs to other people and these animals are just taking it.

You know, this crisis is going to end. One day it is going to be over, and people are going to have to live with themselves and the knowledge of how they behaved. The cowards, the thieves, the murderers. We’re getting a guy on cam right now stealing tires from one car and putting them in his car. What a bunch of monkeys. No respect at all for their fellow man. Like I said, one day this is going to be over, and I hope the shame overwhelms these bastards.

This blog is incredible and worthy of linking. And Directnic.com is redefining reliability…assuming they survive and don’t get crushed by a wandering riverboat casino like that Holiday Inn did.

We’re long Directnic.com, because they have corporate intestinal fortitude.

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