Is There a Bubble in Housing Bubble Blogs?

by Mr Juggles

Given Johnny Debacle’s large personal investment in the Denver housing market, all of us here at Long or Short try to keep an eye on the housing market. As a collective, we are skeptical that housing trends will hold up and are worried about having to bail Johnny out of his housing debacle.

Even more concerning, however, is the emerging bubble in housing bubble blogs. These blogs, devoted to detailing the demise of the housing and refi boom, have begun to proliferate more quickly than Freedom Loans or all those anacondas I let loose in the Everglades in the 80’s.

Evidence: in just one query on Google’s blog search, I turned up the blogs below. Undoubtedly, there are more out there. Is the public aware of this pernicious threat? What is being done by Greenspan/Bernanke & Co to ensure a “soft landing”? We need answers, the Fed, and we need answers now.

Please, the Fed, raise the blogging interest rates or constrict the blog money supply now. The Irrational Blogbooberance must stop now.

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