Learned/Heard/Seen This Week at BofA Conference

by Johnny Debacle

• After seeing that clip, I wish I was in the virtual ammunition business.

• Guy with a button on the back of his collar. The dress shirt equivalent of the superfluous third nipple.

• I have been replaced by my wife’s scottish terrier.

• We looked at Meow Mix, but we passed because we didn’t think we had the platform for it. But then, neither does Cypress [private equity shop who bought MM], but what do financial guys know anyways. [pause] Don’t tell them I said that.

• You can have a cup of Starbucks, or you can clothe your child.

• Buy our bonds, short our stock, try some capital structure arbitrage!

• Everyone from Lord Abbett seemed to be over 70 and at least part troll. Picture the last scene in Rosemary’s Baby. Now picture everyone who wasn’t John Cassavetes or Mia Farrow or the antichrist. Those are the people managing money for Lord Abbett.

• Puppie adoptions were up 40% after 9/11.

• My hunch is that there were far more people from Bank of America at the Bank of America Equity Conference than people not from BofA; the ratio of suits to non-suits speaks to this. Who wears a suit to a business casual conference?

Points are awarded to who can attribute which thing to which session. Note that we only have 14 points. Also note that not all points are equal.


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