Mummies are Tax Efficient

by Surname T Legacy

My great great great great great.......great grand Inca pappyIn my family, it has been a masculine tradition to keep logs of economic thought and financial analysis since the days of Ancient Rome. I will from time to time share with you relevant passages from these Legacy records.

From my forefather, Tupac Huayna Madacagalu (relayed through our familial oral tradition):

Dealing with Inheritance

Death is a very tax inefficient occurrence. You die then your estate gets devoured by Quirsatec, The Great God of the Levy. This has been THE great financial planning quandary of my time as Emperor of the Inca Empire. And I think I solved it.

Bundled up on a crisp June night, a pan flute filling the air with its melodies, I drank chicha and pondered tax efficient solutions to the death problem — what can we do to best minimize estate taxes? And it hit me, like a great bolt from Apocatequil:

I will never die and thus never bequeath my estate and also never pay the taxman any goods.

This will likely require some alterations to our belief system, but as ruler, that is all in the game.

As I thought later, I realized the genius of my own genius. Not only would I minimize taxes and not die, but I would ensure that my offspring were properly incentivized to go out and conquer for themselves, for otherwise they would have nothing and they would likely be thrown off the cliffs into the depths below with nary a single coca chew to soften the blow when the state falls apart around them! Oral Note to self: This is also a great opportunity to create a post-mortem fashion and maintenance start-up and produce crazy profits.

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