Outsourcing My Thoughts On Outsourcing: Part 1

by Johnny Debacle

I believe strongly in applying six sigma to everything, from ironing my dress shirts to creating this website. But, there is a limit to how much efficiency improvement I can squeeze out of my creative stone and past that limit I have to look to source my content from other channels, even overseas. Thus, my official position on outsourcing is brought to you by Jack from EZGone in New Delhi whom I hired through elance.com. He has has prepared a series of short speeches on outsourcing, which he has injected with humor, rhetoric and truth, according to my exacting specifications. What follows is Part 1. Read it aloud with a Brtish accent for maximum effect.

Outsourcing Outsourcing: What Is Outsourcing And Why It Is Growing?

Friends, I hope that I am not sounding vague to some of you. I know, I know most of my learned audience knows about outsourcing, but let me give it a try.

In purely religious terms, it could be seen as one of believers and non-believers. And both sides, there is no doubt in my mind, have very strong, logical arguments as why they are believer and non-believer.

Friends, at the outset, let me make clear to you that I belong to the camp of believers and I would like to focus on a crucial strand of this outsourcing business — why it is great for firms who believe in outsourcing and actually do it.

The making of things was outsourced decades ago to foreign nations such as India, China, Japan, Philippines etc. Today, we Americans are hardly aware that most of the things that we see today around us, like our TVs, computers, cell phones, underwear, dentures, cartoons, financial analysis, investment advice etc., must come from somewhere, but we have no real clue who is making them, or how. We are really busy in hiking, trekking, vacationing or any other activities of our choice that we hardly get time to consider these things seriously, and perhaps, we have enough trouble figuring out how to remove the packaging.

Experts believe that even humor is being outsourced.

Perhaps, the modern day hip-hop youngsters won’t believe this, but there was a time when Americans actually made physical things called “products” right here in America. Once upon a time, right here, workers would go to large grimy and encrusted buildings called “factories,” where they would take a raw material such as iron ore and perform industrial acts on it, such as “forging” and “smelting” to make their own things. And, as you can easily imagine, by the end of the day, they smelt terrible (not perfumed) but they were satisfied that they had turned the ore into something useful, for example a bicycle.

But now, we don’t make anything. Rather, we have learned, intelligently, how to get the things done at much lower cost and much faster speed. Credit, of course goes to outsourcing.

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