Save These Hot Boobs From Cancer – TRUMPED!

by Kaiser Edamame

Only a few short months after announcing our Save These Hot Boobs From Cancer (STHBC) campaign our idea has been pirated by real live people. “For the Love of Boobs” was kicked off in London this month with these bus adds creating a boobylicious buzz all over town.for-love.jpg

If there was any doubt that this campaign was designed specifically to preempt our imminent launch of STHBFC I suggest you look at the facts:

Our premise was two fold a) Have a catchy title that made explicit use of the word ‘boobs’. b) Deploy a collection model based on our primary research into hot boobs:

“The best people in the world at getting/raising/borrowing/stealing money are smoking hot chicks. Chartible organizations need to penetrate the industry leaders in solicitation— beautiful women. A first mover will have an enormous market opportunity.”

For the Love of Boobs has leapfrogged our own clever titty cancer launch and now we are playing catch up. Following our advice they then hired Sophie Dahl as the spokeswoman. She is famous for her raunchy perfume adds that were banned from the streets of London. In Paris (where they were not banned) they were famous for sending homeless men into a frenzy. Those are the kind of boobs we need to employ if we hope to put an end to breast cancer.

This deliberate plagiarism is calling into question LoS’s entire business model. Until now we had assumed that coming up with genius business plans and investment ideas and then writing about them online = profits. Apparently we were wrong, we have initiated an extensive internal strategic review to figure out who got it wrong, who hired the guy who got it wrong and then to fire both of them and start getting it right. We will be back to you with the results on our next quarterly call.

Until then you should probably go buy some hot boobs t-shirts to tell the woman you love that sure you care about her, but mainly you care about the health and safety of her “groceries*”

*Insert any noun here and add an “s”. Everyone will know what you mean.

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  1. harvey
    May 31st, 2007 | 2:56 pm

    There’s a group out there called “Saving Second Base” too. And it ain’t looking out for guys playing the #4 position in the field. “have you touched second base lately?”