Selling Nothing For Profit

by Johnny Debacle

Most firms produce an object or service which they sell. This is normal “business.” But with margins where they are, is this type of business the best way to do business?

Why sell something which costs something, when you can sell nothing which costs nothing? The margins on selling nothing are 100%, a fact which Rambus (NASDAQ: RMBS) has known for years. Now nothing production has come to the mobile market with silent ringtones:

[Conceptual] artist Jonathon Keats has digitally generated a span of silence, four minutes and thirty-three seconds in length, portable enough to be carried on a cellphone. His silent ringtone… is expected to bring quiet to the lives of millions of cellphone users, as well as those close to them.

Recommendation: We are bullish on firms which embrace this contagion and switch from selling something to selling nothing. The margin improvements are completely post-modern.

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