Short The Guy Next to the Guy

by Mr Juggles

Months ago I got free business cards for with the intention of some guerilla marketing. Never happened. So yesterday, I got around to doing something about it and and gave the guy who stands next to the guy who gives out free daily newspapers the stack of 200 business cards and offered to pay him $20 to hand them out to “every dude you see in a tie.” I made sure he was properly incentivized by letting him know that if this went well, I would be doing this every day next week.

Suffice to say the results weren’t great. The upward bound of the traffic it generated was 13 visits for 200 cards and $20. But it probably generated much fewer than that and I get the feeling that not a lot of people were even given the cards. It was the first time I felt like what it must be to be Vonage. Skyrocketing CPA!

Recommendation: Never outsource your customer acquisition efforts to the pseudo homeless. Also, always go short “the guy next to the guy”, and only expose your portfolio to an actual “the guy” position.

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