Short Timothy Sykes, Long Reason

by Mr Juggles

I don’t get him, his relevance or why he continues to amuse people. But Tim Sykes certainly exists. I know this because he emailed me.

Hey there, how are you? I’m blogging like a madman and loving every second of it! I’m putting together a huge list of money/finance/trading/investing blogs/websites to be called ‘TIMlinks’ so I wanted you to join. It’s free and once I start promoting this baby, you should get dozens or even hundreds of daily visitors to your site—kinda like FeedTheBull, Entrecard or Blogrush, but for our target audience only Check it out:

After your join, to get ranked, you’ll be emailed code for a ‘TIMlinks’ badge, just add it anywhere on your site and you’ll be set!
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Timothy Sykes | Author of An American Hedge Fund
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It’s telling that his system is identical to every splog and SEO-only oriented link trading request we get. They link you from their non-main page, you link them from your main page. A great deal! We should get hundreds of links a day from a separate links page buried within a mediocre site! Seems probable.

We don’t do reciprocal link trading or such things. If it’s a site we read and if it’s one we think deserves to be linked, we link it. Feel free to do the same but we won’t be adding a badge or trading links.

Mr. Juggles

You will agree with me when I say that I tried to be polite.

Haha ok

His repsonse naturally raised the question to me “What was funny in that?” As a master of humor, normally these things make themselves aware to me. In this case, it did not. Naturally my reply was:

What was funny in that?

From Timmy:

u just sounded so serious, i’m just trying to help increase the popularity of the sites i like by giving them this badge of honor

More like a scarlet letter.

A badge of honor, Tim? Really? We take everything we do very seriously, that’s one of the reasons we do it better than anyone else. Maybe you should start practicing your seriousness and take your site to the next level. Again, you are free to link to us and we encourage you to do so — it is likely to your readers benefit. We won’t link to you until you have created a site worth reading, one that we also happen to read.

I expected more laughing and something non-intelligent from his next reply. I was not disappointed.

LOL, being serious and the best is the exact opposite of what I’m going for, all I wanna do is teach and entertain, aka actually help people understand this stuff better! All you finance snobs forget 99% of the people out there have little to no education and thanks to the ridiculous importance you place on always being the best, people believe mistakes are just about the worst thing you can do. Wrong! I like some of your articles, but take it down a notch, you’ll live a happier and more fulfilling life!

My reply:

Teaching and especially entertaining are both things which benefit from being taken seriously. No one learns anything from someone who is taking a half-ass dimwit approach to teaching. Worse, no one is entertained or is made to laugh by people taking a half-ass dimwit approach to humor.

Mistakes are ok, but mistakes that should have been avoided but weren’t because of sloth or lack of diligence are horrible and should be treated as such. They are entirely avoidable by people who take things seriously. Life is a very serious thing. We are all dying. Asset management is even more serious than life.

Mr. Juggles

Timmy’s reply:

Solid reply but you forget that the vast majority of people out there are lazy and dim-witted. For them, the very thought of long complex calculations and ramblings from boring finance people is equatable to prison. What do we do, ignore those people and laugh at how much better we are?

No, I believe those people can and should learn about the stock market and since Penny Stocks are pretty simple things to understand, it’s a great intro. And, I can help them avoid the mistakes I’ve made, lessons I was forced to learn alone because there was nobody in the entire snobby/stuck up world of finance who ever detailed their stupidity for all to learn from. Again, stupidity/mistakes–nothing to be ashamed of, we all make stupid mistakes at one time or another, the key is learning from them and sharing them right alongside our greatest victories. Welcome to my business model: brutal honesty. It’s sad that this is revolutionary, but thanks to the kind of people in this industry, there’s a massive window of opportunity. Thanks again!

Played Out

Recommendation: Timmy is a blackhole. A blackhole of knowledge, understanding, financial acumen, reason, emails and time. If you have not yet crossed the event horizon of Timmy, keep back. At best, he is played out. At worst, you will lose brain matter as it is stretched to infinity, taken to the speed of light and crunched into a superdense nothingness.

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