Today Followed by Tonight on NBC

by Johnny Debacle

NBC has taken a page from the Hills and gone fully post-modern. Their plan for the network over the last several years is now fully formed — Expand the Today show, expand the Tonight show, so eventually there is nothing else, no other reality, nothing to actually talk about on Today or Tonight except Today or Tonight. In stock brokering, we call that focusing on your “core competency”. NBC knows that virtually nothing else it puts on the air is worthwhile so why not cut the wheat from the chaff, and focus on selling as much chaff as possible in one’s most valuable time slots.

When time travel is developed, they will add to their lineup new concept the Tomorrow Show, in which time travelers will enter the future (specifically the next day) to give you celebrity interviews, heart-warming human interest stories, and Jay-Walking Through Time. The Tomorrow Show will be followed by the The Yesterday Show, in which, a time traveling host or robot will go back to the day before and give you celebrity interviews, heart-warming human interest stories and authentic cooking tips from the past (yesterday). It’s likely that the Yesterday will also create an infinity loop or potentially destroy time itself, but don’t worry about that, you probably won’t even perceive either if it happens.

Recommendation: We recommend shorting the Sheinhardt Wig Company.

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