This Week in Tweets for 2009-07-18

by Mr Juggles
  • @jodiecongirl Like to think that the ugly boyfriend from that story is Daniel Hemermesh himself. poster size plz thx in reply to jodiecongirl #
  • Twitter created the post that is about to come #
  • @TheStalwart Adoration isn't very helpful unless you want to start a cult or get laid. But you guys ARE detestable, while BR is a populist. in reply to TheStalwart #
  • the saddest twitter feed ever? maybe just pity follow it so it doesnt look so sad #
  • Actually can't be that sad if @eorlins follows it. I mean she was on two different Survivors, so she is legit #
  • By all the relevant metrics, twitteruesday was a complete and total success, we have progressed the medium to the next level. You're welcome #
  • At some point, do unintended consequences become intended anti-consequences? #
  • I hear you Ezra. Sometimes I have chicken mcnuggets just so I can tell people I went to McDonalds…and loved it! #
  • @Jakewk grow a pair, you old fogey, just giving you crap and thought it was funny, we like ppl who we disagree with #
  • @kyle_s #pirates is only trending because of some crap facebook game, #squid is for real yo #
  • @eorlins makes sense, it just was random given they just started yesterday and u were one of 60 followers the rest high yield or workout ppl #
  • Fyi just discovered all these messages that had been hidden under Get Replies in twitterberry, hence my tardass entrance into Reply City #
  • Watch better off ted abc 900, good stuff especially the veridian dynamics commercials #
  • Twitterednesday to commence soon #
  • We kid we kid #
  • @pkedrosky Kids are stupid. Not as stupid as babies, but up there. in reply to pkedrosky #
  • @anal_yst watched Man V Cartoon, would definitely short it, tedious and staged. I wanted more science less drawing out #
  • @Anal_yst we're rich now, filthy squid lucre rt : Don't tell @longorshort about the squid attack, they've been predicting this forever! in reply to Anal_yst #

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