When are we in a The Recession?

by Mr Juggles

September 2nd 2008, according to Young Jeezy according to Pitchfork.

This Is Why It’s Hot: Hip-Hop analytics is a powerful , if nascent, tool. Formerly, the medium was known as solely a form of entertainment. The trend has been for leading hip-hop performers to make a transition from “artists” to “businessmen”. 50 Cent has ventured into private equity with his stake in Vitamin Water, while Jay-Z has been involved with a leveraged buyout transaction of his clothing line, Rocawear, amongst other ventures. We think it is inevitable that Hip-Hop itself will also make a transition, from “art” to “analytical tool”. We will stay abreast of all related developments and I will not stick my manhoods in the mashed potatoes*.

*Unless it will result in better performance for our clients or it really is that kind of party, than I will stick my manhood in the mashed potatoes.

HT to Pasha

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