Why is the BP Blue in Google Talk? Winner

by Johnny Debacle

This contest wasn’t even close. The winner was Ethan Furtek with this entry as to “Why does Google Talk make the letters of “BP” blue in Google Talk?“. No description could do justice to Ethan’s epic meditation on numerology

Modern cinema has, from time to time, exhibited unnatural prognosticative capabilities. For example, in Back to the Future II, Michael J. Fox scoffs at the idea of ‘Miami winning the World Series in 1997’. As it turned out, Florida was granted a baseball team in 1993 and did in fact take home the championship in 1997.

Similarly, when James Cameron released The Terminator in 1984, he unknowingly predicted the demise of mankind. Skynet, the computer program responsible for the downfall of the human race, was installed and operated by the military. In reality, however, the US government is far too careful to make such an oversight. The computer virus that eventually cripples the planet would need a more innocuous introduction: say, through an Internet search engine.

Google is Skynet, and the proof is in Google Talk’s highlighting of ‘BP’. In The Terminator, the apocalypse arrives when Skynet goes live on August 29, 1997, or 8/29/1997. Adding 8 + 29 + 1997 gives 2,034. Google filed its S-1 rescission offer (the final documentation necessary to go public, or in this case, ‘live’) on August 4, 2004, or 8/4/2004, and similar addition yields 2,016. The difference between these two numbers is 18, the same sum given when applying a number to each letter of the alphabet (A=1, B=2, etc.), and adding B + P. As you can see, Google has already become self-aware, and is dropping hints as to the arrival of Judgment Day. Someone call Schwarzenegger.

We also learned the real reason BP is made blue in Google Talk from my girlfriend.

BP is blue because it is a smiley with sunglasses sticking his tongue out.

Excuse me while i go make myself invisible to you on gtalk.

Love, GF

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