Bill Burnham, Must Read for Tech and Internet Followers, is Back

by Mr Juggles

Bill Burnham,former venture capitalist, former Wall Street analyst, current blogger and now founder of a tech fund, took a 6 month hiatus from his blog but now is back. We mention it because back in February his post about Long or Short Capital is what gave us the momentum, both mentally and traffically, to keep this site going when our momentum at its lowest. He highlighted how much he enjoyed different articles on our site and basically spun some lies about how amusing we are.

Here is his current plotted course:

I suspect I my have some commentary on the hedge fund industry from time to time, but given that my new fund will continue to be deeply embedded in the high-tech venture capital space I will continue to write about venture capital and interesting new technology trends.

So if you were a former Bill Burhman reader, flock back to his site, and if you haven’t read him in the past, read him now @ Burnham’s Beat. His commentary on the internet and tech industries is as sharp as occam’s razor.

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