Financial Analysis of Diana Bianchi

by Johnny Debacle

Updated 8-8-2006:

What would it take to get you to cheat on Christy Brinkley? The answer is Diana Bianchi, the 19yo woman Brinkley’s husband had an affair with.

Comparable to Mariah Carey, a refined version without the busty PE ratio. Attractive features on the petite side, fit form and youthfulness lead to healthy free cash flow in the intermediate term. While earnings should be relatively stable, the current highly efficient structure will limit margin improvement and limit the upside of this asset’s appreciation. There is tick risk as her smile can be awkward (picture 2) and there will always be an “event risk” loss of youth type event. Also consider that as with any female asset there is always a risk of “the crazy.”

Recommendation: A valuable scarce asset in a heavily demanded market. Long Diana Bianchi but look for an exit point. We also maintain our market outperform rating for Christie Brinkley.

More pics of Diana Bianchi.

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