Has the JonBenet Ramsey Moved Against the Elizabeth Smart?

by Johnny Debacle

Some commentators and posters have posited that the JonBenet Ramsey has made substantial gains against the Elizabeth Smart (See related report Foreign Exchange Rates for Humans) based on the media attention and general hoopitydehaha that abounds the capture of suspect/confessor/alleged murderer/acquitted against his will Mark Kerr.

Front page news can be an indicator of a change in value of a human life. But digging a bit deeper reveals that this is a market where there is no liquidity, and while the media may have been offering the JonBenet Ramsey at prices substantially above 0.78 Elizabeth Smarts, there were no actual bids at that level. It’s an artificially supported market in which we recommend selling as much of the JonBenet Ramsey as you can. However we suspect that the media will not be true buyers above the 0.78-0.80 level.

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