Long GOOG Pending Release Google Lucy (Beta)

by Johnny Debacle

We are reiterating our buy recommendation for Google (GOOG), following their release of Google Lucy (beta). Google Lucy (beta) is the latest in real time girlfriend simulation technology and is run by proprietary algorithms from a single server in Palo Alto. This latest offering is a disruptive technology aimed squarely at displacing women from the heterosexual romantic market.


  • Blond hair
  • Tall
  • Graduate and post graduate degrees from elite Universities
  • Simple attractive minimalist UI
  • Light from above shines on Google Lucy at all times

  • Provides social humping in the convenience of your own plane

  • Improved relevancy compared to Yahoo’s similar offering.

    Further due diligence will occur after we are accepted into the invite only beta.

    Recommendation: We are raising our GOOG price target from “Infinity-1” to “Infinity+Pi” on the grounds that this merger will be moistly secretive.

  • Source: Dealbreaker.com.

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