Long Long or Long Short?

by Johnny Debacle

In the comments of Juggles’ Titanium Cut Oatmeal post, a reader remarked about how Long or Short Capital has had declining post size and that he had downgraded us from “Read” to “Too Short.” I thought for a second and looked back through our history of posts and saw that at first (before I was on board) posts were Short. So our roots are Short, but they did became Long and now they are shorter once again. Investment entertainment is a cyclical industry, what can I say.

This apparent contradiction in internal decision making actually illustrates our investing accumen. When it was sensible to be Long Short, we were, buying up Short at depressed multiples on rumors that Google was developing “Google Elongator,” a disruptive technology that could make Short into Long thus increasing the value of all Short and creating a dominating vertical search platform. Later, an investing catalyst occurred completely changing the valuations, and according to our thesis, Long was relatively underpriced. Long or Short had no problem being flexible, and we set our sails Long Long. We have made a veritable fictional fortune trading in Long and in Short.

Consistency is the hobgoblin of the suboptimal investor who can’t change his position for fear of contradiction. Never get married, especially to a position or a woman.

Recommendation: Long Long AND Short.

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