Long or Short Capital Q2’06 Guidance and Dividend Update

by Mr Juggles

After an incredible November, December was competely lackluster in terms of revenue generation, a decline in clicks from 30 to 11 and a lower CPC rate across similar levels of traffic. We still are on pace for our dividend guidance, but subscriberholder growth has cooled dampening our expectations for both revenue and dividend growth. Our Blogad revenue has been almost as much as our Yahoo ads at their current runrate which is disappointing to some degree. Our intuition suggests that the Yahoo ads should yield twice as much per impression given the incentivized nature of our subscriberholders. So far, ad clicks in our RSS feed have amounted to 3 in November and 2 in December, fairly negligible.

None of our content is hedged, so we are subject to the volatility of market prices for sourcing our posts, as our staff’s time waxes and wanes. With that being said, we are optimistic that these trends will improve in January. Q2’06 ends on February 1st, 2006, so there is still some reason to be optimistic for a boost in production, dividend and revenue growth, and an acceleration in subcribers. Our slogan for the quarter is “Work hard. Be nice.”

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