LoS Announces Intention to List in Shanghai

by Mr Juggles

PetroChina’s value in US ADR: ~$500bn
PetroChina’s value priced at Shanghai IPO two days later: ~$1,000bn or $1 trillion dollars

Alibaba’s value priced at IPO: $9bn
Alibaba’s value priced in Hong Kong after first day of trading: $26.6bn

Long or Short Capital’s dividend discount valuation in US: $241,315
Long or Short Capital’s valuation post listing in Shanghai: $?? bn

For some time, we have felt that the market was not giving us credit for our Asian exposure. In fact, given the number of times we have exposed our self in Asia and to Asians, we are surprised we have not received more attention, especially from the relevant authorities. Our upcoming Shanghai A-shares IPO should rectify this situation and ensure that we garner the attention and valuation that we deserve.

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