On Your Deathbed, You Will Long for Love, You Will Have None, Unless…

by Johnny Debacle

Valentine was a saint by some accounts. By other more masculine accounts, Valentine was a cruel master, only interested in ensuring that men were immured in love. At this, Valentine was a complete success. He built his day to be the perfect prison, the Alcatraz of holidays.

Some relationship-ensnared men have tried to escape, oh yes, they have tried. Every attempt has led to either a drowning in the cool rivers of Nosex or a plunging to the steeped tips of Shivintheribwhilesleeping. As your advisor, as someone who is paid to be smarter than you, and most importantly (but least sincerely), as your friend, we implore you not to try to escape. Your best bet is to give in, to roll over and focus on surviving.

Survival requires one thing — buying your girlfriend one of the following: flowers or chocolates or shiny shit. Again, as your advisor and friend, we have helped you out and provided below a handy link to the VERY best supplier of flowers and chocolates in the whole world, FTD.com. Please, for your own sake, not for ours in any way, click the link below and buy something for your girlfriend before you find your lungs suffuse with the frigid waters of the river Nosex.

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