Pink Products for Woman Drivers

by Johnny Debacle

The WSJ had an article which referenced several “Pink Dollarproducts aimed at woman drivers such as pleasingly scented lavender tires and no-slip brake pedals for driving in hooker heels. The list neglected several other “Pink Dollar” products which are at least in a preliminary stage of development and should come to market within 5 years.

  • Special steering wheels equipped with speakers, a wireless connection and a gossip feed so women can stay up to date with what matters most. MSRP $150.
  • Pink car bows, for prettying up the car, making it “cute” and shit. MSRP $300.
  • Token love interest for the car to keep the woman interested in it even though it doesn’t fit in the plot at all. MSRP $Unicorn.
  • “How to Drive with only 33% of the Brain of a Man”* MSRP $18.99.
  • A man to do the driving for you. MSRP $Free, but subscription costs 4 BJs per month
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