Readers Please Make a Market

by Johnny Debacle

I have a wedding to attend and need to know the correct amount to spend on a wedding gift. They are registered in places online such that I can buy gifts ranging from $10-200 and more than one gift, to achieve the exact basket of flatware, plates, toaster ovens and bedding I desire to give as a gift.

What is the market price to balance the rational desire not to spend money and the rational desire not to insult a friend and his whore of a wife. I’m setting the price at $150 (too much, too little?) for what I should spend and will adjust it for whatever amount the comments indicate, ignoring extreme outliers. I will spend whatever the adjusted amount is as of market close May 9th 2006. Help me find my optimal level of wedding gift expenditure.

Price as of May 9th, 4:00PM: $140, down 15 points since market close yesterday, down 10 pts from its opening level at May 8th 1:45PM, down 5 pts since May 8th 3:45PM, up 5pts from the opening bell of May 9th on light volume

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