Monopoly Board Game: Playing with Real Money and a Developed Capital Market

by Johnny Debacle

How does one play Monopoly with real money and a functioning capital market with an interest rate based on the “Trip Around the Board” unit of time all the while maintaining the quirky board specific events?

This is our project.

Long or Short Capital has established these preliminary rules following our initial diligence.

  1. The game should use some set a ratio as an exchange rate of dollars to monopoly dollars as an initial buy-in. Players should not be able to exchange money in or out of the game until the game is finished.
  2. Players would have to start with very little money forcing them to have to raise capital for anything but the most marginal investments.
  3. All asset transactions as well as mergers are permitted, with the stipulation that terms under which all transactions occur are upheld and honored.
  4. There should be at least 6 players, 2 of which will be bankers (see below).
  5. The game would definitely need one permanent banker, perhas two to prevent monopolistic banking practices. The bankers would have to be judged by the same scale as the players –profits generated through savvy banking. The wrinkle is that you would probably have to judge one banker’s profit making against the others.
  6. Game Duration: Time delimited or turn delimited or until one player has a made amount of money or until only one non-banker player is left standing?

Comments from Original Post

Long or Short Capital will continue to revise the game by thinking “Big Thoughts” and by listening to input from both readers and the illiterate, until a proper Capital Market Monopoly Board Game (CMMBG) has been resolved. Then we we will host a game. Possibly online and to a flurry of lawsuits.

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