Sell Out Saturday: Wall Street Survivor Will Not Poison You In Our Experience

by Mr Juggles

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Times are tough. If you walk out onto Wall Street these days, it looks worse out there than Oklahoma did during the Depression. Things have gotten so bad that Steinbeck plans to write The Rapes of Math, a sequel to his most famous novel, this time based on the experiences of those in finance. He plans to write this from his grave, after Alvarez & Marsal recapitalize him, restructure his operations and generally work him out. Some people call them vultures; I like to think of them as mad scientists who bill $600 an hour or $200,000 per month to reanimate corpses.

At Long or Short Capital, we have been proactive in our response to the Great Regression. We embezzled as much money as we could before the invisible hand hit the fan, so to speak. Then we stopped our dividend to ensure that we could build an adequate capital cushion to weather this storm. More recently, we have retained counsel to make sure we had adequate cash flowing out of our operation and to cover us from litigation from irate subscriberholders. Now, we bring you this sell-out saturday about this wonderful site called Wall Street Survivor because we really really need the money.

You may ask — how does this site work? Why does it exist? Specifically, how does it help someone survive Wall Street?

I would answer: I don’t know, I don’t know, and by not having you invest fantasy money into fake stocks, respectively. In fact, if you were to have invested your portfolio solely in a portfolio at Wall Street Survivor, you would have outperformed every single major index in 2008 and YTD. There has not been a better time to invest in a fantasy portfolio than the last 18 months and I say that despite the fact I am being paid to write this. I also say it because I am being paid to write this. But Wall Street Survivor has never lost me a dollar, which is something you can build on. Also, as indicated in the post title, I have not been poisoned by their site which is to their credit as well.

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  1. RichL
    March 28th, 2009 | 8:56 pm

    Did they really do better than Michael Parness of Trend Trading to Win? It is reliably reported that the pigeons at Trinity Church gathered all of their pizza crusts, invested their savings in the program, and now after 6 months they OWN THE CHURCH!!! They NEVER had a losing week. All you have to do is trade with the trend.

  2. samhill
    March 29th, 2009 | 3:52 am

    wait a second, you can make money in a down market? son of a…