Short Dick Grasso

by Julia Mezzanine Tranche

Today, a recurring Dealbreaker feature involving Dick Grasso has spurred our analysts to break another aspect of the scandal involving David Delainey and Mark Davison, first exposed by Long or Short and threatening to engulf Wall Street: Star Trek Celebrity Imposters on Wall Street.

The Dick Grasso article clued in one of our staff who, on further investigation, has revealed that Mr. Grasso is also involved in the imposter scandal. Mr. Grasso has reportedly been taking fees for appearances at various Star Trek functions as “Arturus,” a guest character on Star Trek Voyager played by Ray Wise, reknowned for his role as Leland Palmer on Twin Peaks, and more lately, as the Vice President of the United States on 24.

Alien Imposter Dick Grasso?

Recommendation: Short Dick Grasso, Star Trek in all forms. Underweight “Alien Nation”.  As always, accumulate the Wookie.

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