This Week in Tweets for 2009-07-25

by Mr Juggles
  • Good stuff has been readied for the week, hopefully there is not a last mile failure. #
  • Dominant RT @TheStalwart : "There are some wines you can drink straight out of the bottle, and some you decant." #
  • still way ahead of that @lcdnews, suck it auerbach #
  • glad that today is not Twitteruesday, it kills a lot of braincells to kill so many reader braincells #
  • amazing from HAM in the comments to this post, he left this link the peekaru #
  • @TheStalwart "Fabuless Semi" sounds like something that happens in a gay club. I'm not sure if that would be a pro or a con for naming a co in reply to TheStalwart #
  • Agreed: #

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