Using Science to Improve the Lives of the Rich

Long or Short LLC is an independent investment advisory firm, who leverages its superior intellect and extensive investing experience to guide its clients in allocating their resources effectively. Specifically, we recommend explicit Long or Short positions, and sophisticated abstract trades that may or may not be possible with existant financial derivatives.

Long or Short Capital’s long or short analysis of any investment opportunity is underpinned by rigorous due diligence and an intensely analytical focus on value and on humor. We believe that this disciplined, value-oriented approach will always serve investors well in the pursuit of investment opportunities even in an environment which may have flat or contracting valuation multiples over the holding period of an investment.

Long or Short evaluates hundreds of potential investments each year. Once an opportunity has been identified, we employ employ a number of strategies to forge a recommendation. Most of those involve consuming large quantities of alcohol (“booze”) and many hours due diligienzing gentlemen’s clubs (“boobs”). This B&B process serves to effectively screen out marginal investments and allows a more comprehensive valuation of the assets.

We are solely staffed by actual anonymous financial professionals who take their valuable and scarce time and blow it on this blog.

We have a 7/31 fiscal year end and all actual Long or Short financials are available online as well as our dividend policy.

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