When Will It Be Safe To Be Long Asian Dudes?

by Johnny Debacle

Bruce Lee is acceptable to white womenThe movie 21. Normally I don’t care when they do true-story things and take a little poetic license and what have you. Fine, whatever, add a spice of glamor, a touch of Hollywood and tighten reality to make it snappy. But in the case of 21, they made a needless racist edit to the story. The real life MIT blackjack team was mostly asian and middle eastern, and the main guy, Jeff Ma, was asian (he later started PROTRADE). In the movie version, the lead is some banal young white “star” and Kate Bosworth. If an asian dude can’t be the star of a movie about going to MIT by day and counting cards by night…what exactly can he be in except for a kung fu movie? Not to go Stossel, but GIVE ME A BREAK.

Recommendation: Additionally, after almost 20 years of Real World and Road Rules, and several hundred cast members, not one has been an asian guy. Not a single one. Look it up. Surely there are other cool acceptable asian dudes out there in the vain of Bruce Lee and Paul Kariya’s dad!

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