Zimbabwe Sell-Out

by Mr Juggles

On February 23rd, Long or Short Capital released this statement.

Good morning. Stakeholders who have read our reseach piece on Mugabe Efficieny Theory know that Zimbabwe is the most progressive country in the world economically. Already, the ideas developed by Mugabe and contained with Zimbabwenomics have been adopted in Kazakhstan and by John McCain.

Well, when a Zimbabwean-based advertising opportunity arose, Long or Short’s interest was aroused. We are pleased to announce that we have purchased real estate on The Million Zimbabwean Dollar Homepage. We think, like most things Zimbabwean, the fundamentals of the Million Zimbawean Dollar Homepage suggest unfettered growth. We expect our stakeholders will benefit from the remunerative effects of this powerful investment in our own traffic. You’re welcome.

We look forward to updating our readers on recent financial results and our calendrical reporting shift in the next few weeks. Good day, sirs.

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