Could McCain Be Our Mugabe On Interest Rates?

by Johnny Debacle

In a post a few months ago, we outlined the power of Zimbabwenomics, as outlined by economic genius Robert Mugabe in his Mugabe Efficiency Theory. A gap in his theory noted by none of you, is that he does not explicitly address interest rates. Luckily, John McCain, has been working to plug this gap. Per Matthew Yglesias writing on last night’s Republican Presidential Debate:

John McCain on monetary policy: “I’m glad whenever they cut interest rates, I wish interest rates were zero.”

Recommendation: This stance dovetails well with Mugabe Efficiency Theory and extends the “if you make things more affordable, people will buy more” rationale to interest rates. If interest rates are zero, assets will only continue to increase in value because they are more affordable and thus there will be more demand for them, making them worth more. This much is obvious and there is no downside to a zero interest rate policy. But why stop at zero? Negative interest rates would make things even MORE affordable. We look to negative interest rates as the next frontier of Zimbabwenomics.

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