Barney Frank is The Mass Mugabe

by Mr Juggles

Politicians are generally great at what they do. We know that. It’s a group that self-selects for blowhards and megalomaniacs with a thorough understanding of Zimbabwenomics. And certainly, Massachusetts politicians typify these tendencies. But even by the Mugabian standards of politics, things are getting out of control (in a good way).

[Barney] Frank’s idea is that, for mortgages originated between the start of 2005 and mid-2007, a lender and borrower would be able to agree on a federal refinancing plan. Lenders would have to write down their loan to no more than 85% of the current appraised value of the property – which means the banks will use this opportunity to unload the biggest stinkers in their loan portfolios.

For the borrower, the deal is even sweeter: a low fixed monthly payment and a reduction in the principal to market value. The Federal Housing Administration would then guarantee the loan, up to a total of $300 billion in total Frank Refis. The deal is so sweet that even Mr. Frank is concerned that otherwise reliable borrowers may “purposely default” to be eligible for assistance.

Just to be clear, what Mr. Frank is proposing is to bail out anyone who took risk on a house they couldn’t afford. Many of these people will have, smartly, put little to no money down to take that risk and benefit from the potential upside were the house to appreciate. How is he planning to finance this proposal? Taxes, of course. So those who dumbly did not take risks with large potential upside will now pay those who did. This is an extremely Mugabe efficient proposal and will be a resounding success with no downside.

Recommendation: Long excessive risk-taking, just make sure to do it in a group large enough to form a voting bloc. Also, I have found that Zimbabwenomics is much funnier when it is not happening in my country.

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