Could Candy Corn Become the Reserve Currency?

by Sir Equity Go

Rumors are flowing in that the CMU (Candy Monetary Union) is on the verge of adopting candy corn as its standardized measure of candy value and the de fact reserver currency of the global candy market. This has nothing to do with the intrinsic value of candy corn, but reflects its unique properties:

  • Candy corn melts neither in your hand nor in your mouth; in short it doesn’t melt.
  • Candy corn is ubiquitous.
  • Candy corn comes in a form of small indivisible units, which lend themselves to representing precise values.
  • Candy corn exhibits historic economic stability and strength.

As the candy market switches from a bilateral exchange market to a monetized market, the transactions demand for candy corn stands to go through the roof. Trade gummy bears for candy corn (current exchange rate is 5 gummies for 8 candy corn). A perfect hedge for this trade (given that the CMU may not in fact monetize) would be to simultaneously trade candy corn for gummy bears.

Adapted from the comments of Candy Asset Exchange Rates.

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