Jacqueline Passey is Not Attractive, So Short Her

by Johnny Debacle

See our earlier attractiveness analysis on Emily Lechner ( This Girl is Not Attractive So Short Her) and Diana Binachi (Financial Analysis of Diana Bianchi). Passey has a blog.

Clearly a best possible photo. Her face is impossibly well lit, perfectly clear and somehow kept from looking deathly pale. Tasteful cleaveage is a plus, but the the extent of it and the ratio of it to the rest of her body are left without context. Not dependent on the blush of youth. There are hints of the structural and cheek issues which become apparent from looking at a few further photographs. Also it appears that she has used her own hair to make her necklace.

The forehead rears its ugly head, so to speak. Thin lips and a head wider than her face. The ratios are definitely off. And there is a squarish quality to the face not unlike a cabbage patch kid. Again no context for the body. She appears to have eyes for the microphone which may indicate a proclivity for being a hellcat in bed. Or a deep seated love of karaoke.

Recommendation: Jacqueline Passey is not attractive. Our valuation puts her worth at approximately .37 Emily Lechner‘s on our Foreign Exchange for Humans. There is a chance of convergence in the intermediate term as the Passey gains against the Lechner and the Bianchi, due to the latter two’s dependence on nubility, but this opportunity is muted.

Jacqueline Passey is an female econ-blogger of sorts, and one who has pointed out more than once how attractive she is. Good for her to be so confident and self-assured; better for savvy market participants who have the ability to be on the selling side of any Jacqueline Passey transaction.

Quoted from a recent blog entry titled Dating tip: Quality dates Quality.

I’m slim (whereas 62% of American women age 20 to 74 are overweight)

I’m attractive (my new picture has been rated more attractive than 86% of the women on Hot or Not — and the women who upload their pictures are a self-selected sample that is probably already biased towards being more attractive than the general female population)

The above list [ed note: much more than what we list here] explains why I typically receive 50-100 (sometimes more) responses whenever I post personal ads. This is in addition to getting hit on almost every time I go out alone (and all that those men know about me is that they like the way I look, they don’t even know about all the other qualities I have that make me more appealing than most other women).

Personal ads responses are mainly dependent upon being a woman asset (or in many cases just pretending to be one). Getting hit on in public requires two ingredients 1) breathing and 2) being a woman. These things are signals of nothing. Just wanted to point that out.

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