Piratery Picture Addendum: Swedish Piratery

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Submitted by user The Paleofish

Shivering timbers all night longSwedish piratery firms present a compelling investment case. Consider:

  • Online piratery will surely grow by leaps and bounds with a favorable verdict in the Pirate Bay trial. According to Wired, pirates win either way no matter the outcome.
  • Though headquartered currently in Sweden, these pirates can quickly export their piratery services to more hospitable jurisdictions if need be, mitigating most risk of a guilty verdict.
  • The Piratpartiet, a Swedish political party devoted to piratery, is building toward the critical mass it needs to earn seats in the Swedish parliament. The youth version of the party received Swedish government funding.
  • “Golden Age” market operators are increasingly facing public sector competition for looting/pillaging services.
  • Swedish piracy, in addition to its low-cost online model and co-option of the political process, offers wenching assets that offer extremely attractive yields.
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