This Week in Tweets for 2009-11-07

by Mr Juggles
  • RT @TheStalwart: This is awesome. RT @hblodget: Business lessons from the battlefield in Iraq #
  • RT @pkedrosky: It is insanely interesting wariness about complex systems and coupling doesn't extent from financial markets to climatology. #
  • — he neglected to list us, but we were there, and we're insider trading the shit out of what they told us, more soon #
  • Relevant to todays post #
  • just got sent this, on GS's trading "The firm lost money on just 3 days in the last two quarters", LoS beats that fyi #
  • RT @jodiecongirl Haha, vegans vs. carnivores (funny pic from Megan McArdle) #
  • RT @felixsalmon Autumn Trends in the Pirate War: #
  • "investment in piracy in last yr, can place a # of motherships in a chain, 40 nautical miles apart; pirate tactics like U-Boats in the WWII" #
  • @onetwoko Olivia Wilde can look like a frightening space elf from certain angles. Also too skinny. Bar Rafaeli is shattering. in reply to onetwoko #
  • @jodiecongirl Reason No 1 for me: I don't want groundhogs to die in a fire. in reply to jodiecongirl #
  • @Anal_yst J youll see a notebook titled Raymond’s Recipes Id recommend making the barbecued halibut with chile watermelon salsa, its his fav in reply to Anal_yst #
  • tremendous from @Anal_yst #

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