This Week in Tweets for 2009-08-01

by Mr Juggles
  • Congratulations are in order. For *US* #
  • Although we were given celebratory coal as @LCDnews surpassed us in followers. We'll find a way to crush that bot futurely #
  • Man blogspot was really crappy #
  • Also fedex's logo may have an arrow in it, but it points the opposite way, I just wanted to point that out #
  • What would be the market price of the avg investment banker's soul? One share of citi seems about right #
  • @crampell same with "cry". You can "cry havok" & you can "cry foul" & sometimes "cry freedom". That's it. One should be able to "cry banana" in reply to crampell #
  • Appropos for today's post Also became a fan of it on Facebook. #
  • @jodiecongirl The best way to make things difficult is to involve other people. in reply to jodiecongirl #
  • classic: #

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