Ahmadinejad Is a Zimbabwenonic Scholar

by Johnny Debacle

Embrace the futureAhmadinejad has won the Iranian presidential election. Critics of his victory point to this piece of crockery on leaked elections results or to the mismatch between the results and the polling that had occurred prior to the voting. They may even cite the massive amounts of protests as further proof that the Ahmadinejad is not the president, as the voters do not believe the outcome reflected their votes. Proponents of Ahmandienjad as well as students of zimbabwenomics understand that Ahmandinejad is the president and will be the president. The outcome of the election and the context in which it occurred are entirely irrelevant.

In our research report entitled, Using Zimbabwenomics to Win Elections, we outlined the ways in which zimbabwenomics can be used to better understand election outcomes as follows:

Under normal political analysis, there are two result paths from an election, only one of which is victory:

  1. Win the election
  2. Lose the election

From a Zimbabwenomic perspective, there are also two result paths from an election, the difference being that BOTH lead to victory:

  1. Win the election
  2. Lose the election, but actually win the election, because your opponent pulls out

Ahmadinejad understood these basic concepts, and applied them to the Iranian election. He created an offshoot of the second zimbabwenomic path wherein he lost the election, but actually won the election, because he controlled the voting process and had the backing of the Supreme Leader.

As you may know, America had been the rising zimbabwenomic star of the last two years. But these recent events demonstrate that Iran now positions itself as a potential alternative to America as the center of zimbabwenomic thought.

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