Using Zimbabwenomics to Win Elections

by Johnny Debacle

Mugabe's opposition's wife is wearing a dress that just has her husband's name written all over it.  Long her.Zimbabwenomics is mainly a field of economic study, but that doesn’t meant its guiding principles can’t be pragmatically applied to create solutions for any problem (note: if there is no problem, Zimbabwenomics can utilized in creating one). Robert Mugabe was facing a difficult re-election as president of Zimbabwe in the elections earlier this year, one that had seen tension, vitriol and internecine tribal conflict on a scale almost matching that of the US Democratic Primaries. But Mugabe understood a fundamental concept that his opposition and international haters failed to grasp, namely the inherent advantageous position that a Zimbabwenomic analysis of his candidacy revealed.

Under normal political analysis, there are two result paths from an election, only one of which is victory:

  1. Win the election
  2. Lose the election

From a Zimbabwenomic perspective, there are also two result paths from an election, the difference being that BOTH lead to victory:

  1. Win the election
  2. Lose the election, but actually win the election, because your opponent pulls out

Recommendation: Readers familiar with Zimbabwenomics knew from the outset of the elections that Mugabe retaining his position was a fait d’accompli. Long the Pullout Method of Dictatorship Retention.

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