Drinking Game for CFA Exam Prep Classes

by Johnny Debacle

Note this games requires a flask filled with booze, a CFA prep class and an inner sense of self-destruction.

  • 1 drink for every chick who eats something she brought.
  • 2 drinks if chick-who-easts-something-she-brought does so from a tupperware container.
  • 1 drink everytime you think that spending 2-3 hours of a New York night in a classroom is not a good use of your highly scarce free time.
  • 1 drink for every corny joke and/or pun by the instructor.
  • 1 drink for every gunner who asks a question.
  • 2 drinks if someone with a russian or asian accent asks a questions which is entirely incomprehensible and which the instructor has to dance around, answering by not really answering.
  • 1 drink everytime the minute hand of your watch hits 6.
  • 1 drink everytime you can see 10 people or more concurrently using their Blackberries.
  • 2 drinks anytime you get solicited to join a study group / have a drink / celebrate the exam with strangers from the class.
  • 1 drink everytime you spot someone in jeans.
  • 1 drink everytime the instructor gets mad for questions related to the exam.

This should making studying for the CFA something you no longer have to worry about. When I play this game, I generally black out within an hour sometimes less.

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