Emerging (Market) Opportunities

by Mr Juggles

The New York Observer recently ran a great article where they asked the terrible people who frequent Bungalow 8 to comment on the Iraq war. I highly recommend it.

“I live this debauched life of partying and fun,” he added, “but you have to think about Darfur, you have to think about Iraq, you have to think about the pressing danger of Iran. I think people should enjoy themselves—which I’m not going to stop doing—but at the same time, there should be a level of guilt.”

He looked around Bungalow 8. “Do you think the Iraqis, little villagers in Kandahar, are doing this?” he said. “None of them are. And that’s the sad, awful truth.

Recommendation: As you know, I often start businesses based on whims, run them until I bore, and then sell them for a huge profit. Well, this d-bag actually has a point. There are no high-end, exclusive clubs where the douchebags of Iraq can go to escape the plebes and pay thousands of Iraqi Dinar for the same bottle of liquor that retails for 49 drachma in the local store. This is clearly a stellar opportunity. Open Bunker 8, the hottest club Bagdhad has ever seen, and you will be rewarded down the line.

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