The First Wave

by Johnny Debacle

They’re here.

A mysterious sea creature up to 7 feet long, with 10 arms, a sharp beak and a ravenous appetite, has invaded ocean waters off Northern California. Packs of fierce Humboldt Squid attack nearly everything they see, from fish to scuba divers. Marine biologists are working to discover why they’ve headed north from their traditional homes off South America.

It’s pretty clear why they are moving north — world domination. Marine Biologists should pull their heads out of their scuba asses and start looking at the underwater financial markets to find out what really is going on.

Recommendation: A mere scouting party, and yet look at the havoc it wreaks. The humboldt squid can get up to 2 meters long. Now consider the fact that the collossal squid can get up to 10 times that size and you start to understand what humankind is facing. As man is on the way out, you might as well continue to profit from it — we maintain our long stance on the entire Cephalopod Index. Also our research indicates that the underlying squid and octopus firms will likely be able to pass on any cost inflation they experience in legs or razor beaks by effecting price increases in their world domination product.

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