Bloomberg News Writers are Boobs, The Bad Kind

by Kaiser Edamame

Notice to Bloomberg headline writers — contorting your headlines and story to changes in stock price of a company makes you look like a gaggle of maroons. My example from last week:

2:15am – (BN) Electrolux stock futures drop
2:17am – (BN) Elextrolux profit falls, steel costs squeeze margins
2:36am – (BN) Electrolux’s latest profit proves future is dimming
3:00am – ELUXB.SS opens up 6% – whoops we had the wrong angle I guess
4:00am – (BN) Electrolux advances after fourth-quarter profit rises 22%, beats estimates (our emphasis)

Apparently between 2:15am and 4:00am Electrolux’s reported 4Q profit went from “falls” to “rises”.

Recommendation: Terrible reporters, please stop looking at the stock price and then writing a story to fit it. Also, please stop being so terrible, at least until I establish a large short position in you.

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